Our team helped develop and fund BAFTA-winning video games and Oscar-nominated films, and supported Emmy award-winning screenwriters.

Driven by an ambition to bring that work to an even larger scale, we’re now an independent charity and international hub supported by a consortium of funders, stretching across the sciences, culture, and social impact.

Today our work is led by an UK-wide team, overseen by our board of trustees, and advised by a global network of research & industry experts.

Our Mission

At OKRE, we believe in the power of creative content to not only engage audiences emotionally, but to tackle misperceptions and help us understand the world better, too.

We also believe that those stories – the ones that create real, social change – are inspired by lived experience, informed by research, and driven by entertainment expertise. That’s why we’re passionate about bringing together insights and people from each of these domains. We nurture relationships, create serendipity across sectors, and sow the seeds of new creative collaborations.

Our Work

We know that research isn’t just a set of facts – it’s a way of thinking, and an approach to understanding the world around us. We know that entertainment isn’t just what we see on our screens – it’s a unique set of skills, technology, and instincts that can create meaning, and moments of magic. And we know that your life story is more than just a label – it’s the lens through which we see the world.

That’s why OKRE works strategically to break down barriers and support people to work together creating fresh and impactful projects. From providing funding to convening salons, and from match-making to stimulating inspiration, we help researchers, people working in social impact and content creators to work with each other, and with their audiences.