OKRE Funds: My Blonde GF

The OKRE Fund supported the producers of My Blonde GF to work with researchers and AI artists to explore the impact caused by deepfake pornography.

My Blonde GF explores the lived experience and mental health impact of non-consensual deepfake pornography. In 2020, Helen discovered that 15 years of her social media images had been deepfaked and uploaded to a porn site by an anonymous user who referred to her as ‘My Blonde GF.’ They invited other users to manipulate and comment on the fake violent and sexualized images. In collaboration with an AI artist, Helen will use the deepfake technology to reclaim her image, uncover the personal impact, and speak directly to her audience and perpetrator. The film asks pressing questions of image ownership, privacy, consent and objectification. 

In the news

Helen Mort spoke to Now Then magazine about the experience that informed the creation of My Blonde GF