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Iain Dodgeon, Director at OKRE, shares a few of his takeaways from this year's GDC conference...

It was great to be back at GDC in person after a few years and there were some great events and discussions. We loved the discussion on sociological vs. psychological storytelling, and seeing the development of Game design tech...
A great session by Jen Allaway, Senior Game Writer at Monolith Productions (Twitter: @allaway) exploring sociological storytelling in games:

"Sociological Stories are about systems, not an individual. About capital 'P' people, not lowercase 'p' persons. In the best stories, the psychological and the sociological work together."

A fantastic session with excellent insights for writers in games and beyond. This session will be available via the GDC vault soon!

Real-Time Facial Animation via Mobile

Exciting to see Ninja Theory on State of Unreal doing the demo on Real-Time Facial Model Animation using a mobile phone. Looking forward to Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II.

You can read about how our team worked with Ninja Theory on the original award-winning game here…

Take a tour of the Great Pyramids of Fortnite

Epic announced the Unreal Editor for Fortnite – with the ability of creators to build games and experiences within their wildly popular game. See how one studio has created the Great Pyramids of Ancient Egypt, in collaboration with Egyptologist Joann Fletcher, in an island on Fortnite for players to explore.

Away from GDC... the BAFTA Games Awards!

Well done to all the winners and nominees, including the latest winner of the Game Beyond Entertainment Award, ENDLING - EXTINCTION IS FOREVER Development Team -- Herobeat Studios/HandyGames.

James Romello, Ceo of Endling's developer Herobeat Studios, told The Verge, "a huge part of the gameplay was based on [the environment[ pillar, because we wanted the player to feel how the environment would get destroyed by humans." 

Bringing Together Academics with TV

OKRE Network: Climate Change Workshops

We bring together scientists, experts, researchers and individuals with unique lived experiences in a chosen field with writers and producers across entertainment.

Why? To generate fresh, new and exciting ideas inspired by research and knowledge. Running for over a decade, this series has resulted in more than a dozen commissions.

Interested? Join the OKRE Network 👇🏾 or email our office for more information!

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Research Tender

Expressions of Interest by 6 April

OKRE is coordinating the Entertainment Industries Taskforce for Social Impact. The Taskforce is commissioning a report to map social impact across the entertainment industry and examine how important this is to content creators within the industry.

Research organisation or individual? Think you could do this work?

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We love to share opportunities we have at OKRE or those we have come across during our wandering through the halls of the internet!

Know a young filmmaker?

The Young Films Foundation is open for submission.

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New television writer?

The Channel 4 Writing for Television Awards have opened for entry until 5 June 2023. This is especially for writer’s based in the North…

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Got Your Audience by The Ear?

The Aesthetica Festival is teaming up with Audible to offer a £20,000 fund to a new documentary on how hearing stories can change our lives!

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OKRE Bookmarks

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