My Blonde GF Released on Guardian Docs

My Blonde GF, a short film that explores the lived experience and mental health impact of non-consensual deepfake pornography and image-based abuse, launches publicly today via The Guardian!

In My Blonde GF, Helen’s world is turned upside down when she discovers that her face has been digitally edited on to images of women in sexually explicit and often violent situations.

Helen shares the impact this deepfake pornography has had on her life and challenges a culture that treats women’s appearance and image as public property while the perpetrators remain anonymous.

OKRE supported this film, produced by TYKE FILMS LTD and also funded by British Film Institute (BFI)‘s Doc Society, through the OKRE Fund and by connecting filmmakers with researchers through the OKRE Network, including Dr Afroditi Pina who conducts research in forensic and social psychology on the areas of sexual violence, gender equality and victimisation.

With over 130k views on Guardian Documentaries, OKRE is pleased to have supported this excellent film and congratulates the entire team.

Iain Dodgeon, Director of OKRE had this to say:

“We’re so proud to have supported Tyke Films and the amazing team behind this film. And mostly thanks to Helen for sharing her story. Really timely and powerfully told.”

My Blonde GF will also be screening at Bertha Doc House on Wednesday the 8th of November, 18:20 as part of the Guardian Documentaries Showcase. There will also be a filmmakers Q&A

Watch: My Blonde GF on Guardian Docs