Request for Proposals: Mapping Approaches to Social Impact Across the Entertainment Industries

OKRE has assembled an Entertainment Industries Taskforce on Social Impact with the goal of understanding the social and cultural impact of entertainment content.

About OKRE

OKRE is a catalyst for entertainment content that challenges misleading perceptions. We launched in 2021 as the successful spin-out of the long-running Broadcast, Film, & Games team at Wellcome. We are a registered charity.

Background to the RFP

OKRE has assembled an Entertainment Industries Taskforce on Social Impact with the goal of understanding the social and cultural impact of entertainment content. The Taskforce is composed of leaders across the UK entertainment industry, representing major media corporations including Netflix, Amazon Studios, BBC, Sky, ITV, Spotify, and more.

The next step is to develop a practical and accessible framework for mapping and understanding the impact of entertainment content, with a focus on audience perceptions and actions. Ideally the framework will serve as a tool and common language to describe, compare and communicate the alternative approaches to social impact content in the entertainment industry.

Ultimately, this framework may help to measure social impact and identify opportunities for entertainment content to work more effectively with the specialist expertise of the charity sector.

At present, entertainment platforms approach social impact very differently – both in terms of commissioning and publishing content and measurement of its effect.

The Taskforce will start this work by commissioning a report to map these different approaches to social impact across the entertainment industry and examine how important this is to content creators within the industry.


With the above in mind, we are looking to commission an initial piece of research that maps the current landscape. The work should include:

  • Landscape mapping/ broad assessment of how entertainment platforms (including members of the taskforce) view ‘social impact’ and their different approaches to it.
  • Overview of the differences in how platforms seek to measure the impact of their entertainment content including variations between PSB and commercial platforms.
  • Overview of how content aligns with corporate ESG goals.
  • Exploration of the different themes being engaged with and approaches to themes e.g., mental health, ED&I, climate change. Are there common areas of focus? How are themes and goals in those themes identified?
  • Consideration of the role of industry organisations and bodies with interest in specific areas of social impact, including review of what impact they are trying to achieve and how they are measuring impact e.g., Albert, Playing for the Planet Alliance?
  • Identifying challenges raised across the entertainment industry and where the gaps and opportunities are.
  • Review of existing research into audience expectations around social impact of entertainment content.
  • Exploration of the extent to which the social impact of entertainment content is important to those working in the entertainment industry (from commissioners/publishers to producers).
  • Recent case studies for the different types of social impact the entertainment industries can achieve, and the role specific examples of content played in bringing about short and long-term change? For example, impact on perceptions, impact on behaviour, impact on industry.


  • RFP issued – OKRE – 20 March 2023
  • Expressions of interest – Supplier – Currently Accepting
  • Q&A – OKRE/Supplier— w/c 10 April 2023
  • Response to RFP – Supplier – 2nd May 2023,
  • Selection panel presentations – OKRE/ Supplier – w/c 15 May 2023
  • Contract negotiation – OKRE/ Supplier – w/c 22 May 2023
  • Contract start – Supplier – 5 June 2023
  • Interim presentation – OKRE/ Supplier – w/c 26 June 2023
  • Delivery of outputs – Supplier – 28 July 2023
  • Final presentation – OKRE/ Supplier – w/c 31 July 2023

Format of proposals

Proposals must follow the structure and answer the questions set out below:

Applicant/ Company Overview – 250 words:

  • Including main contact details, contact details of those conducting the research (if different), and company registration number (if applicable).

Suitability – 500 words:

  • Summarise your/your team’s knowledge, skill and experience as relevant to achieving the goals of this RFP.

Approach – 1500 Words

  • Describe how you will undertake the work outlined in this RFP.

Deliverables – 500 Words

  • Confirmation of the outputs you will produce in relation to this work.

Critical Success factors/ risks – 200 words

Referee(s) – 50 words

  • Give the name of at least two referees who can attest to you/your company’s suitability.

Proposals should be in PDF or Word format. Text should be at least 11pt.

How to participate

Expressions of interest: potential suppliers wishing to submit a proposal should confirm interest by sending an email and the information listed below:

Send to: [email protected]
Subject line: Taskforce EOI
Organisation name (if applicable)
Main contact name
Main contact email
Main contact telephone
Website (if applicable)

Supplier Q&A: we are happy to respond to one set of questions submitted by email to [email protected] in line with the timetable given above.

Supplier Guidelines

Contractuals: responses to this brief will form part of any subsequent contract between OKRE and the successful supplier. In the event an order is placed, any claim made in the response that cannot be substantiated in fact will be regarded as a breach of contract.

All materials submitted by prospective suppliers to this brief become the sole property of OKRE upon receipt of the proposal.

OKRE’s Standard Terms and Conditions for Services will apply to the successful supplier.

NB: The statements and questions presented in this document are intended as a guide to your response; however, you must provide complete and unambiguous details of your proposed solution including any known limitations as well as any perceived benefits.

Validity: All tenders must remain valid for 90 days from the date of submission by prospective suppliers.

Equity, diversity, and inclusion: embracing diversity and inclusion is fundamental to delivering our mission, and we want to partner with suppliers who share our commitment. We may ask you questions related to EDI as part of our selection processes.

Non-disclosure and confidentiality: information contained within this document or subsequently made available to prospective suppliers is deemed confidential and must not be disclosed without the prior written consent of OKRE.

Proposed costs: proposals must include detailed information with regard to costs and state if the proposed costs do or do not include VAT or any other levies or discounts, for example, prompt payment discounts, expenses etc.

Independent proposal: by submission of a proposal, prospective Suppliers warrant that the prices in the proposal have been arrived at independently, without consultation, communication, agreement or understanding for the purpose of restricting competition, as to any matter relating to such prices, with any other potential supplier or with any competitor.

Costs incurred by prospective suppliers: note that this document relates to a Request for Proposals only and not a firm commitment for OKRE to enter into a contractual agreement. In addition, OKRE will not be held responsible for any costs associated with the production of a response to this Request for Proposal.

Sustainability: OKRE is committed to procuring sustainable, ethical, and responsibly sourced goods and services. This means OKRE seeks to purchase goods and services that minimise negative and enhance positive impacts on the environment and society locally, regionally, and globally. To ensure OKRE’s business is conducted ethically and sustainably, we expect our suppliers, and their supply chains to adhere to these principles in a responsible manner.

Contact details: questions or comments about this request for proposals can be submitted by email to: [email protected]