Announcing the OKRE Big List

A new online hub will provide a unique insight into the upcoming priorities for charities working on some of the most pressing issues in the world today.

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  • Posted: 15 Jun 2022

The OKRE Big List is being created in response to feedback from programme makers saying they would appreciate an insight into the hot topics and trends that charities will be focusing on. 

Announced today at the OKRE Summit, The OKRE Big List is a unique online hub, showcasing the upcoming priorities of charities working in areas such as migration, poverty, climate change and mental health. 

What does the list do?

The list provides a place for entertainment producers and commissioners to find out what charities will be focusing on over the next few years, via short films, audio and brief and to-the-point descriptions.

Aradhna Tayal, Director of the OKRE Summit, said:

“We’ve been working with some incredible charities, including The Global Fund, the International Rescue Committee, One, Save the Children and Water Aid to understand where they will be prioritising their work over the next two years – from understanding how working with communities most at risk of HIV/AIDS could help avert the next pandemic to the gender inequalities caused by climate crisis.”

"The OKRE Big List is a starting point to engage in cross-sector dialogue. It provides inspiration and innovation as well as a tangible approach towards discovering meaningful partnerships and content."

Aradhna Tayal, OKRE Summit Director

Five things to discover from the OKRE Big List

  • How speaking to people living with HIV/AIDS could help us avert the next global pandemic
  • The link between water, climate change and gender inequality
  • How understanding better nutrition could avoid deaths due to hunger
  • The mental health support being provided to children in some of the world's poorest countries to help keep them in school
  • Why working with local councils to find safe routes into the UK is a crucial priority for refugee charities

I'm a charity, how do I get involved?

We'd love to hear from more charities who would like to get involved in the OKRE Big List. Charities interested in finding out more about how to get involved should drop us an email.

I'm a content creator how do I get in touch with the charities on the OKRE Big List?

The contact details for charities involved in films will be published underneath each film.