Complex Problems, Simple Stories:

How to Make Tough Subjects Gripping for Audiences...

In this OKRE Salon we look at how the entertainment, research and social impact sectors approach head-scratching global and social issues for widest engagement and fresh perspectives.

What is an OKRE Salon?

The OKRE Salons bring together creative minds from across research, social impact and entertainment sectors, exploring fresh approaches to social and cultural challenges.


Michael Sheen – Actor and Activist @michaelsheen

Sarah Mace – Head of Strategic Communications, Design & Development, Joseph Rowntree Foundation @SJMace

Beryl Richards – TV Drama Director/Executive Producer, European Broadcasting Union (Children). @Berylrdirector

Florent Maurin – President, The Pixel Hunt. @ThePixelHunt

Mim Shaikh – Broadcaster, Actor, Poet, Writer. @MimShaikh_

Imran Khan – Head of Public Engagement, Wellcome. @imrankhan


Finding Dad, BBC Three, Lightbox Video

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