Beyond Talking: Using Entertainment to Improve Mental Health

This OKRE Salon explores how content creators, researchers and those with lived experience can work together to create tools to improve mental health through entertainment.

Especially since the urgency of how to protect and improve our mental health has taken centre stage during the recent world, political, social and pandemic upheaval.

What is an OKRE Salon?

The OKRE Salons bring together creative minds from across research, social impact and entertainment sectors, exploring fresh approaches to social and cultural challenges.


Kelechi Okafor – Say Your Mind Podcaster, Actor, Director and Personal Trainer @kelechnekoff

Susie Braun – Head of Strategy and Communications for Social Purpose, ITV @ITVPurpose

Professor Paul Fletcher – Consultant Psychiatrist & Bernard Wolfe Professor of Health Neuroscience, University of Cambridge @PaulPcf22

Dr Kate Martin – Lived Experience and Engagement Lead, Wellcome Trust @katemartin_says

Eugen Tunick – Executive Producer & Writer, Early Birds @tunick

Adeel Amini – Freelance Producer and Founder, The TV Mindset. @the_tv_mindset

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