Villain Wanted: Seeking Someone to Blame

This OKRE Salon explores how we can avoid over-simplistic good-versus-evil tropes, creating compelling narratives with more nuanced characters and portrayal of events.

Pandemic, political and social turmoil highlight the timeless urge to divide ourselves into goodies and baddies, and search for someone or something to blame. How can we avoid polarising narratives to better understand, rather than stoke, a situation?

What is an OKRE Salon?

The OKRE Salons bring together creative minds from across research, social impact and entertainment sectors, exploring fresh approaches to social and cultural challenges.


Seyi Rhodes – Reporter & investigative journalist. @seyirhodes

Gill Webber – Executive Director, Imperial War Museum Institute. @IWMGill

Rajesh Thind – Writer, producer, director & founder Pindu Productions. @PinduGlobal

Richard Bartle – Honorary Professor, University of Essex.@Richard_Bartle

Kez Margrie (host) – Commissioning Editor, BBC Children’s @wolfontheprowl1


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