Windows Into Other Worlds: Harnessing New Technologies to Tell New Stories

In our first OKRE Salon we explore how screenwriters, filmmakers and researchers are using new world-building techniques to envision the future, reimagine the past and unlock new story perspectives.

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  • Posted: 3 Apr 2020

What is an OKRE Salon?

The OKRE Salons bring together creative minds from across research, social impact and entertainment sectors, exploring fresh approaches to social and cultural challenges.

This episode also features the publication of the 2020 Future Film Report.


Manori Ravindran – International Editor, Variety @manori_r

Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull – Producer Director, HaZ Films, @HaZ_Dulull

Alex Stolz – Founder and Creative Director, Future of Film, @alexstolz1

Dr Becca Wilson – MRC Innovation Fellow, University of Newcastle, @DrBeccaWilson

Mehjabeen Patrick – Chief Financial Officer, Creative England,

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