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In the February newsletter... the South African Director of a taboo-defying pan-African TV drama series - MTV Shuga - talks about the show that caused a sensation, covering gender-based violence, sexuality and HIV prevention.

Award-winning director, Thishiwe Ziqubu in conversation with Georgia Arnold

Executive producer Georgia Arnold — now head of Vis Social Impact, Paramount’s new cause-driven studio, and Executive Director of the MTV Staying Alive Foundation — talks to writer and director Thishiwe Ziqubu about the differences in the broadcasting landscape in Africa and why MTV Shuga has been such a success in driving behaviour change in the demand generation.

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We are excited to have funded Max & Millie, an animated TV series for Deaf and hearing pre-schoolers, currently at treatment stage.

So what made this project eligible for OKRE Funding? Read our latest article to find out more…

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The OKRE Fund provides financial support to early-stage imaginative and collaborative entertainment projects in film, television, audio, and games and is open to both individuals and organisations. 

We are currently interested in one or more of the following areas: 

Mental health, infectious disease and/ or climate health 
International development and the communities they seek to support

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